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Welcome to Sierra Valley Farms

Sierra Valley Farms is a 65-acre certified organic farm and native plant nursery situated on the Middle Fork of the Feather River in the majestic Sierra Valley. The farm, located at 5,000 feet elevation, in Beckwourth California, has one of the most unique growing climates in the West. Sierra Valley Farms was first established as a native plant nursery in 1990 and broadened its diversity to growing certified organic produce in 1999. The family farm is owned and operated by Gary, His father, Louis and son, Joey Romano. Sierra Valley Farms diverse operation includes growing and production of native plants, a wide range of cool-season vegetables and some fruits, micro greens, herbs, wasabi, and value-added condiments. The farm hosts an “on-farm” farmers market, restaurant CSA’s, and a “Dinner in the Barn” summer series. Sierra Valley Farms markets most of their products byway of Farmers Markets in the Reno/Tahoe area, and hosts the only on-farm Certified Farmers Market in California. The farm products are very popular with the community markets and also popular is the unique CSA program, community-supported agriculture, just for restaurants. The historic farm once owned by Gary’s grandparents goes back three generations in Sierra Valley and hosts corrals with many years of composted manures and organic matter. The Romanos utilize the natural dynamics of cover crops, rotation of crops, wildlife intrusion, and the four seasons to enhance the already fertile soil. This, along with the cool summer climate produces some of the finest quality organic vegetables in the world. Sierra Valley has one of the harshest climates in the Sierras with winter temperatures of sometimes below zero and only 60-70 frost-free days per year. The summers daily temperatures can fluctuate as much as 50 degrees with morning lows in the 30’s and afternoon as high as the 80’s-90’s. This climate is also perfect for the propagation of Sierra native plants. The nursery retails and wholesales native plants along with contract growing for public agencies and private contractors for re-vegetation and restoration projects. Sierra Valley Farms is proud of their commitment to the sustainability of the family farm. They continue to diversify their farm operations and support agro tourism with the many events held on the farm.

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The only Certified "ON-SITE" FARMERS MARKET is the on Sierra Valley!

Organic Cocktail Mixers

Try our new line of ROMANO ORGANICS, Cocktail Mixers, organic pasteurized juices!

Book "Why I Farm?"

"Gary Romano is a man willing to share his passion, his family, his history, and the cold hard facts of what farming in our region is really like."-Mark Estee, Executive Chef/Owner, Campo

Dinner in the Barn

Sierra Valley Farms & Mike Trombetta of Farm to Belly Catering invite you to the barn! This Spectacular DINNER SERIES Celebrates Food, Farm, and Community

Concert Series

Sierra Valley Farms Celebrates it 25th year with an exclusive concert series: Food, Blues & Views!

Native Plant Nursery

Sierra Valley Farms propagates over 100 different plants for the Sierra Nevada.